Consumers ready to spend BIG in 2016

According to recent reports, consumers in the United States are expected to spend a fortune online over the course of 2016. Many people will end up spending money on a whim because of tempting tactics used by retailers who want to encourage people to spend even more money. Online shopping has become hugely popular and successful over recent years because it provides people with greater choice, ease, convenience and flexibility. However, it can also lead to greater temptation to spend money –often money that the consumer cannot afford to spend.

Figures that were released with the report showed that in 2015 consumers in the United States spent around $338 billion on online shopping. While this is a staggering figure in itself the amount spent by online shoppers in the United States over the course of this year is expected to reach $373 billion. This averages out to just over $1950 per person reflecting an increase from just over $1800 per person for 2015.

Shoppers need to exercise caution

The research, which was carried out by Forrester Research, reflects just how reliant consumers have become on internet shopping – and some officials have said that often consumers spend money online totally unintentionally because of the way in which retailers marketing themselves and tempt shoppers to buy things they didn’t even realize they wanted or needed.

Experts also said that online shopping tended to result in more impulse purchasing and over-spending than shopping in bricks and mortar retailers, and this year is set to be a record one for online spending in America.

Those who do plan to shop for items online should make sure that they do not fall into the trap of purchasing items that they never intended to purchase, as this can quickly result in consumers being left short of money when it comes to essentials. Many retailers tempt consumers by bombarding them with emails, newsletters and social network posts, which can wear down the will of some people and encourage them to spend money. Other tactics used by retailers include adverts displaying items that you may have looked at in the past.

While many retailers may pass these tactics off as helping shoppers by making suggestions of items that they may be interested in, many end up being tempted into making purchases that they would otherwise not have spent their money on.        

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